2G & 3G & 4G (LTE) Installation & Commissioning

Eminence Technologies and Engineering offers installation services for BTS as per customer site layout, power up BTS equipment, load equipment, specific software If required. We perform stand-alone tests for proper equipment functionality. Installations & workmanship are within complete quality standards compliance of the customer’s needs.

  • Transmission Network Roll out (Microwave)
  • Installation and commissioning of microwave system (Installation of antennas, feeder systems, designed parameters configuration, and antenna alignment to achieve required Received Signal Level (RSL).
  • Installation of microwave racks (indoor) and extension of -48V power to the rack. 

Transmission Link Optimization.

  • Panning of antennas to optimize RSL as per design and link budget. 
  • Installation of IF cables, antennas systems and grounding systems. 
  • Capacity upgrade 
  • Recovery of idle microwave antenna systems, feeders and radio systems. 

Optic Fiber Network Roll out & Maintenance
Eminence Technologies and Engineering undertake civil works for optic fibre access, fiber optic installation, splicing and Termination of optic fiber. Our service includes:

  • Network Construction and commissioning including civil works and installation services of all types of optical fiber systems (single and Multi-mode)
  • Equipment’s Specifications.
  • Identification of integration requirements
  • Civil works (Tower construction)
  • Optic fiber splicing, testing and fault troubleshooting.
  • Fumigations.
  • Refueling
  • Site security (electronically)